I Love You! Who Am I?

Living As One By Wilson Lenhart

          In this life we live, day to day, we walk around unconnected from one another. There are those who we stay close to and my feel connected to but in all reality they are them and you are you. Scientifically (as of now) this is the case; we are separate entities living among each other interacting in ways to better our own personal gain and existence. The choices you make do not directly, at that moment, affect any other person besides yourself and maybe some close family. You are the star of your own movies and everyone else is just an extra, they don’t really matter all that much at the moment. But what if that was not the case? What if it were the exact opposite? What if we weren’t meant to live like that nor think in that way? What if we were all one big person, a hive mind if you will, whose sole purpose was to better the other and the existence of another for the sake of its own internal health and relationship?

          If we begin to look at almost every other species on earth that are similar to us in the sense that they live within close quarters and interaction with one another you would begin to see, behind the harshness of the animal kingdoms, that same concept. Leaders of packs risk their own personal lives to protect their packs at all cost, because they in a way see that the power lies not within one of them but all of them. When the members of a pack go looking for food and leave behind the weak and small they dont take what they find for themselves, they return to share it among the rest. Without the pack leader or those able to collect food, a lot of those animals would die, and it’s that sense of connection that allows them to work together in the ways that they do.

         That same concept can be rerouted with us humans. Our way of living is a little less primal but we are all trying to survive nonetheless. The only difference is that we don’t see life in the same interconnectedness as the animals, which is a shame. We humans hark at the brilliance that we have built before ourselves and at times yes we will band together for a greater good, but in the end when the job is done we return to our ourselves and our personal goals in life. What we are failing to see and to understand is that in order for us all too live up to our full potential, whatever that may be, we need one another.

          Take a moment to imagine what life and society would be like if we were all wired to forget ourselves and show complete compassion and selflessness towards others… LIFE WOULD BE PERFECT! There would be no fat cat hiding within the fine print of some document, product, or bill trying to in some way take some of your money or freedoms for himself. There would be no war with any other country for any reason, be it, religion, money, resources, or land. There would be no need to protest for any cause because in a world where no one is thinking of himself there is only love and compassion for the next man. Life would be solely based on the betterment of the human experience for all.

          A world like that is 100 percent possible but only through unity, selflessness and unconditional compassion would it be able to work. Don’t get me wrong this life we live isn’t completely disconnected and filled with hatred there are those who faintly feel and see life through this perspective and those people have a life of due karma waiting for them after this one. Unfortunately, for a utopia like this to be born it’s going to take more than a handful of the world’s population to get it kick started. It’s going to need all of us.

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SECRET SANTA GAME PROPER! #myniggasmyniggas #secretsanta

SECRET SANTA GAME PROPER! #myniggasmyniggas #secretsanta

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Isn’t it weird how God killed 2.4 million people in the bible and Satan killed 10



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